Which Prop Trading Firms Offer Free Trial? - Find The Best Forex Prop Firm For You In Minutes (2024)

Welcome to our guide to prop trading free trials. If you’ve ever wondered about prop trading but held back because of financial commitments, this is where you belong. Prop trading firms let people trade with the company’s money instead of their own. This is great for those who want to trade but worry about losing their own money.

In this overview, we’ll find out which prop trading firms offer free trials to new traders. You’ll get to test the market waters without risking any of your cash. Whether you’re new to trading or experienced and seeking a fresh start, this blog has the details to help you begin prop trading.

What Is Prop Trading and How Does It Work?

Proprietary trading, also called prop trading, is when a financial firm trades using its own money instead of its clients’. This practice allows the firm to trade different financial products using its funds.

These firms usually specialize in certain financial areas like forex, commodities, or stocks. They use strategies like technical analysis, algorithmic trading, and fundamental analysis to make as much profit as possible. This helps the company keep all the money it makess from the trades. It makes the company more likely to earn a lot of money.

Proprietary trading desks, found in places like investment banks or hedge funds, use the company’s resources for risky financial deals. They often involve complex instruments like derivatives. They might make these deals to try and make profits for the company.

Benefits of Prop Trading

  1. Higher Profits: Firms keep all the money they make from their investments, not just the commission fees.
  2. Building Securities Inventory: Firms can give benefits to clients. They can also get ready for tough market times by storing securities.
  3. Market Making: Prop trading allows firms to become influential market makers by providing liquidity in specific markets.

Risks and Regulations

The world of trading involves risks, as firms trade with their capital and can incur losses. Regulatory measures such as the Volcker Rule stop big banks from doing short-term trading for themselves. They do this to keep customers safe from risky investors that might cause financial problems.

Prop trading lets financial institutions use their money for bigger potential profits through strategic trading. But it also comes with risks linked to speculative investments.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Prop Trader?

To be a prop trader, you don’t need a college degree. However, many firms see a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, math, or a related subject as the least you should have. Some firms may prefer candidates with an MBA or other advanced degrees. Depending on where you live and what you’re trading, you might need certifications like Series 7, Series 56, or Series 63. These certifications show you’re qualified to trade certain types of securities. Prop trading firms look for people with good communication skills, resilience, and discipline. They also want those who can make quick decisions under pressure.

To get a funded trading account, you might have to pass a trading challenge or evaluation. This could mean hitting certain profit goals or showing your trading skills with simulated trading. Different firms have different requirements for funded trading accounts. Some might also ask for a fee during their evaluation process.

Additionally, prop trading firms usually offer training programs to help improve your skills once you join. They might expect you to start making a profit within six months of starting your internship.

Evaluation of Trading Performance Metrics

Evaluating how well you trade is really important if you want to do well in the financial markets. It helps traders figure out what they’re doing right and what they need to work on. It also helps them refine strategies and improve overall performance. Here are some essential metrics used to test trading performance:

  1. Net Profit: Represents total earnings after deducting commissions, taxes, and fees. A positive net profit indicates a profitable strategy.
  2. Profit Factor: Assesses the efficiency of a trading strategy by dividing total profit by total losses. A profit factor above 1 indicates profitability.
  3. Win Ratio: Measures the percentage of winning trades compared to the total number of trades. A higher win ratio suggests a successful strategy.
  4. Holding Time: Reflects the average time trades are open, impacting trading strategies and portfolio management.
  5. Expected Value (EV): Helps evaluate potential trade outcomes statistically.
  6. Sharpe Ratio: Evaluating risk-adjusted returns means looking at both ROI and risk to make portfolios better. It helps optimize portfolios by balancing gains with the chance of loss.

These metrics show how well trading strategies work and how risky they are. Traders use them to make smart choices and improve their trading over time.

Prop Trading Firms Offering Free Trial:

Here are prop firms that offer demo account or free trial account:


FTMO is a famous prop trading company. It offers traders a chance to join their challenge and trading programs. CEO Otakar Suffner and Marek Vasicek founded it in Prague in 2014.

FTMO offers a Free Trial account, which serves as a condensed version of their full challenge. Here are some key points about their Free Trial offering:

  • The Free Trial account lets new clients try out FTMO to see how it works. They can test their trading skills to decide if they’re ready for the full FTMO Challenge and Verification.
  • Success in the Free Trial doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get an FTMO Account. You still have to go through the Evaluation Process to become an official FTMO Trader.
  • Traders can use various unique applications during the Free Trial, such as:
    • Statistical Application
    • Mentor Application
    • Account MetriX
    • Trading Journal,
    • and receive a summarized version of Account Analysis.
  • The Free Trial is only allowed once per trader.

2. FunderPro

FunderPro is a trading firm. It helps traders manage up to $200,000 in real money without any time limits. Their mission is to enable traders of all levels to succeed in the financial markets.

FunderPro offers a free trial account that simulates their actual challenge. Key aspects include:

  • Unlimited free trials are available, letting traders practice without any cost. The free trial lasts 5 days, and you can start another trial after that period.
  • Winning trials can be converted into challenges, carrying over profits.
  • The free trial uses the same platform as the main challenge, including the TradeLocker system based on TradingView.
  • The free trial includes all the features of the main challenge, such as daily payouts, EAs allowances, and up to 90/10 profit splits.
  • The free trial helps traders understand the platform and prepare for the main challenge without any risks.

3. Finotive Funding

Finotive Funding, a prop trading firm, established its offices in Budapest, Hungary in April 2021. The company, led by Oliver Newland, offers traders the chance to join different funding programs. These programs provide starting account sizes of up to $200,000. Traders get trading accounts from Finotive Markets broker. They can then trade using MetaTrader 5.

Recently, Finotive Funding introduced Free Trial Accounts. Traders can use them to experience their trading environment with all features and live trading conditions for free.

  • Trial accounts aim to offer risk-free exploration of the firm’s challenges for both novice and experienced traders.
  • Traders using trial accounts have unrestricted access to all tools and features.
  • They can test strategies on the 100k One-Step Challenge account without financial risk.
  • Finotive’s Free Trial Accounts come with no hidden fees, obligations, or time limits.

4. FundedNext

FundedNext is a prop trading firm. It offers promising traders worldwide the chance to join their funded trader program. Abdullah Jayed is the CEO of the company, established in March 2022. FundedNext helps traders succeed by letting them trade up to $300,000 on a FundedNext Account. Traders can earn up to 95% of the profits. The company offers quick payouts using methods like bank transfers, Wise, crypto, and Perfect Money. This ensures that traders are happy with their payments.

FundedNext offers a free trial to traders. Here are some of the details:

  • Account Steps: Free trial accounts at FundedNext follow a 1-step process.
  • Account Registration: In the Free Trial, traders can only register one account at a time. Each account must have a unique email and IP address.
  • Profit Target: During the trial, traders try to make a 5% profit from their starting account balance. That’s their goal.
  • Minimum Trading Days Requirement: During the trial, participants need to trade for at least 3 days. The trial period lasts for 14 days.
  • Daily Loss Limit: The daily loss limit is 5% of the account balance. It refreshes every day after midnight server time.
  • Overall Loss Limit: The overall loss limit is capped at 10% of the account balance.
  • Time Limit for Trading: The Free Trial lasts for 14 calendar days from the first trade date, after which account is disabled.
  • Weekend Position Holding: Traders can hold positions over weekends without restrictions.
  • Account Balance Options: Initial balance options range from $6,000 to $200,000 to suit different trading levels.
  • Type of Account and Leverage: Free trial accounts are like swap accounts. They have leverage set at 1:100 for forex instruments, 1:20 for commodities, and 1:40 for indices.
  • Trading Platform Utilized: All trading happens on the MT5 platform. It’s known for being easy to use and having lots of helpful tools.
  • Expert Advisors (EAs) and News Trading: In Free Trial accounts, traders can use EAs and News Trading. This helps them try out different trading strategies.
Which Prop Trading Firms Offer Free Trial? - Find The Best Forex Prop Firm For You In Minutes (2024)
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