How does an FTMO Account work from the technical side? (2024)

After a client becomes an FTMO Trader, they will be provided with a demo account with fictitious capital.

An FTMO Account is an account with fully fictitious funds, however, with real market quotes from liquidity providers. Please note that, for FTMO Account purposes, liquidity providers do not provide us or FTMO Traders with any real money (liquidity), only with the market quotes. Our clients therefore never actually perform any trades on live markets.

In a separate process, FTMO also trades on its own account (outside of the FTMO platform) with real financial means. While performing its own trades, FTMO may also use trading data obtained from its clients’ FTMO Accounts. FTMO continuously monitors and analyses the trades executed by FTMO Traders in the demo environment and subsequently evaluates whether trades will be executed for FTMO’s own account. This execution occurs without any impact on FTMO’s clients and their simulated trading. These two processes are separate and in no way is the FTMO Trader influenced by FTMO’s trading.

Learn more about the execution policy & trading conditions on this site.

How does an FTMO Account work from the technical side? (2024)
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