Cucumber Salad With Roasted Peanuts and Chile Recipe (2024)



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Sweet lord and baby jesus, this is INCREDIBLE! Haha, I can't believe how good it is, I ate the entire bowl and called it dinner.Used regular cukes cause I couldn't fine the fancy ones, removed the seedsUsed a grated jalapeno (no seeds) instead of the chili flakes.Used 1 tblsp soy sauce and 1 tblsp. fish sauceUsed regular peanut butter and skipped the sugarUsed cilantro AND mintCried like a baby because it was so friggen good. Though I wouldn't eat it before a date (crazy burps, haha)

Tom Follery

I don't follow the recipe at all, but it didn't turn out as described. Bad recipe.

Alexa Weibel, Senior Staff Editor, NYT Cooking

Winelady! You are absolutely right -- thank you! We've since adjusted the recipe for clarity, suggesting that readers first cut the cucumbers lengthwise into thin spears, then to cut the spears into 2-inch segments. Looks like the food stylist cut the 2-inch segments on an angle, because they're fancy like that! This salad is delicious any way you slice it. (Seriously, I have made it three times in the last month!) Enjoy!

grace schrafft

Wonderful! I learned this recipe from my Thai friend who married my next door neighbor. Two differences: 1) fish sauce instead of soy sauce, and 2) cukes sliced differently, into thin strips lengthwise, and center (seeds) removed.

Georgia Fisanick

too salty--leave out added salt altogether.


M I’m going to be out of the country until the 8th.


Dressing was too salty for my taste. Next time will omit kosher salt altogether, and probably switch some or all of the soy sauce & rice vinegar for lime juice.


Made this with the orange beef and it was delicious. I did not add salt and cut the sugar back, used Tamari instead of soy for GF and I doubled the recipe. Not a drop left. Let the salad sit for a bit and I found that the cukes add enough water without adding more.

Alexa Weibel, Senior Staff Editor, NYT Cooking

Peeled regular cucumbers or "English" cucumbers would work equally well! Since this cucumber salad is really an explosion of textures, if using larger cucumbers, I would halve them lengthwise, scoop out the seeds (so they don't dilute flavor and texture), then slice the remaining halves crosswise at an angle into spears.


Omit cilantro, if disliked, and add a bit of julienned holy basil or Italian basil.

Patricia Mendez

how about mint ...


It appears that the cucumbers in the photo have had more prep than simply cutting into 2 inch pieces. Any further clarification would be greatly appreciated.

S kropf

Go to Persia and get some cucumbers


Used white wine vinegar, no additional salt, and American cucumbers peeled. It turned out great. I flunked on not having any kind of chili oil, love a little spice. Also the comment about having the cucumbers sit in the dressing is very valid as it really helps them release some water and make the peanut sauce lighter in texture and not complete paste.


Just made, very tasty! Due to a recently acquired peanut sensitivity I used almond butter and chopped almonds as per an editor’s suggestion in the comments. Happened to have vegan fish sauce so I used that in place of 1 T soy sauce. Topped with spicy chile crisp aka Lao Gan Ma oil. Cucumbers were still releasing water in the dressing, so I have a good amount left over to use on that bunch of kale waiting in my fridge, possibly topped with tofu. Will make again.


I used 2 English cucumbers and the amount of dressing could have used 3.


Loved this. We have Persian cukes (also known as mini cukes) at our grocery store. They are already really firm and not watery so next time I will leave off salting them. The peanut dressing was amazing, one of the best I’ve ever made. Will make this again and double it but keep the dressing the same amount. We had no leftovers but there was a lot of dressing left in the bowl.

TGP Italy

Lordy was this good. I could easily add a couple of dashes of fish sauce and a bit of basil chiffonade to up the ante even more. We used cashews instead of peanuts because we are rebels. Salad is a huge winner.


Loved this. Simple and delish.

Cool hand cuke

Amazing that such a concise recipe is needed.What if the ingredient list was one word- imagination?


My sauce ended up being a bit thin. I did use an almond butter but it was quite thick. I do think letting cucumbers dry a bit would have helped. I had to use an english cucumber. I will lay off on the salt a bit next time too because my nut butter was salted. Overall it was a great flavor.


Halved the recipe and made it with Skippy, regular unsalted butter, half turbinado and half brown sugar, reduced a little bit for mile-high altitude. These are as delicious as promised and I understand why you’d want to make them and then hide them away.


Amazing salad! LOVE this recipe. Exactly followed the recipe and added 1/4 tsp of grated ginger to the dressing, which brightened the dressing to a whole new level.

Lisa B.

Make same salad but with cuke zoodles.


Very Good but cucumber was still a little watery after draining for a couple of hours


I have made this so many times. It is so good! By far our favorite NYT recipe.


This recipe is SO GOOD! My favorite cucumber salad recipe of all time. Have made it countless times now. I don’t bother to salt and drain the cukes, they just release their juices into the sauce and it’s great. I’m going to start making double batches of the sauce bc it’s so good, I’m always spooning it up out of the bottom of the bowl and over rice.


Forgot to mention I also do omit the salt from the dressing!


Everyone I make this for loves it. My husband is obsessed. Best part is I pretty much need cukes and cilantro—everything else is pantry staple. The peanut sauce is magic.


This is an all star. You can use Chinese sesame paste for a different vibe. This is really good on noodles too…easy to jazz up as it is essentially a simple dan dan sauce.

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Cucumber Salad With Roasted Peanuts and Chile Recipe (2024)
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