CS:GO Ranks Explained (Full List) (2024)

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Unlocking the Secrets of CS:GO Ranks: A Path to Excellence

In the thrilling world of first-person shooters, few titles command as much respect and devotion as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). This tactical masterpiece has captivated players worldwide, and as you immerse yourself in the intense gameplay, you may start wondering about CS:GO ranks and how they affect your journey. In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of CS:GO ranks, what they mean, and how you can ascend the ladder to become a true Global Elite.

CS:GO Ranks (in Order)

CS:GO Ranks Explained (Full List) (1)

Below you will find all 18 CSGO Ranks, in order.

Rank Name


Silver I (S1)


Silver 2 CSGO (S2)


Silver III (S3)


Silver IV (S4)


Silver Elite (SE)


Silver Elite Master (SEM)


Gold Nova I (GN1)


Gold Nova II (GN2)


Gold Nova III (GN3)


Gold Nova Master (GNM)


Master Guardian I (MG1)


Master Guardian II (MG2)


Master Guardian Elite (MGE)


Distinguished Master Guardian CSGO (DMG)


Legendary Eagle (LE)


Legendary Eagle Master (LEM CSGO)


Supreme Master First Class (SMFC)


Global Elite CSGO (GE)


CS:GO Ranks Explained (Full List) (2)

CS:GO Ranks: A Measure of Skill

CS:GO ranks serve as a vital gauge of your in-game prowess. They not only reflect your individual performance but also play a crucial role in the game's matchmaking system, ensuring that you are pitted against opponents of a similar skill level. Every match you partake in contributes to your rank, either positively or negatively, in the form of ELO points. Over time, these points accumulate to define your CS:GO rank.

Mastering the Art: How to Improve Your CS:GO Rank

Now that you understand the significance of CS:GO ranks, the next logical question is, "How can I improve mine?" The answer is both simple and complex. It all boils down to experience. There is no shortcut, no magic formula that can replace the hours spent honing your skills in the game. A

s you immerse yourself in the world of CS:GO, you'll gradually develop the intuition, reflexes, and strategies necessary to outmaneuver your opponents. Finding your unique playstyle and mastering a particular role in your team can also be a significant advantage. Whether you're a sharpshooter, an entry fragger, or a support player, excelling in your chosen role can propel you towards a higher rank.

CS:GO Levels (XP Needed)

In addition to CSGO ranks, it's crucial to understand CSGO levels. While ranks reflect your skill, levels indicate your playtime and XP earned, not your abilities.


XP Required

Recruit Rank 0

1,000 XP

Private Rank 1

5,000 XP

Private Rank 2

6,000 XP

Private Rank 3

11,000 XP

Private Rank 4

16,000 XP

Corporal Rank 5

21,000 XP

Corporal Rank 6

26,000 XP

Corporal Rank 7

31,000 XP

Corporal Rank 8

36,000 XP

Sergeant Rank 9

41,000 XP

Sergeant Rank 10

46,000 XP

Sergeant Rank 11

51,000 XP

Sergeant Rank 12

56,000 XP

Master Sergeant Rank 13

61,000 XP

Master Sergeant Rank 14

66,000 XP

Master Sergeant Rank 15

71,000 XP

Master Sergeant Rank 16

76,000 XP

Sergeant Major Rank 17

81,000 XP

Sergeant Major Rank 18

86,000 XP

Sergeant Major Rank 19

91,000 XP

Sergeant Major Rank 20

96,000 XP

Lieutenant Rank 21

101,000 XP

Lieutenant Rank 22

106,000 XP

Lieutenant Rank 23

111,000 XP

Lieutenant Rank 24

116,000 XP

Captain Rank 25

121,000 XP

Captain Rank 26

126,000 XP

Captain Rank 27

131,000 XP

Captain Rank 28

136,000 XP

Major Rank 29

141,000 XP

Major Rank 30

146,000 XP

Major Rank 31

151,000 XP

Major Rank 32

156,000 XP

Colonel Rank 33

161,000 XP

Colonel Rank 34

166,000 XP

Colonel Rank 35

171,000 XP

Brigadier General Rank 36

176,000 XP

Major General Rank 37

181,000 XP

Lieutenant General Rank 38

186,000 XP

General Rank 39

191,000 XP

Global General Rank 40


The Pinnacle: Reaching Global Elite

In the world of esports, every game has its apex, and CS:GO is no exception. For this game, the pinnacle of achievement is the coveted Global Elite rank. Achieving this status signifies an unparalleled level of skill and dedication. At the Global Elite level, you'll find yourself among the best players in the world. Your game sense, aim, and teamwork will be tested to their limits, and this is where the dream of going professional often takes root.

Reaching Global Elite isn't just a personal milestone; it's an invitation to explore the world of professional esports. Many players who attain this rank start to contemplate a career in competitive gaming. With the right amount of determination and practice, your hard work may indeed pay off, leading you to the grand stages of CS:GO tournaments and the possibility of making a name for yourself in the global esports scene.

In conclusion, CS:GO ranks are more than just labels; they are a testament to your dedication and skill in one of the most challenging and rewarding first-person shooters ever created. Your journey to greatness may be long and arduous, but it's a path filled with excitement, camaraderie, and the potential to reach the pinnacle of Global Elite. So, load up your favorite skins, practice your aim, and let the world of CS:GO ranks be your guide on the road to excellence.

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CS:GO Ranks Explained (Full List) (2024)
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